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Attention: Canadian Pro Rodeo News subscribers/recipients

We’re excited to announce some changes to Canadian Pro Rodeo News – the official publication of the Canadian Professional Rodeo Association.

Starting in 2016, Canadian Pro Rodeo News (CRN) will be joining forces with Canadian Cowboy Country magazine (Tanner Young Publishing Group). Canadian Cowboy Country magazine has a long history of covering and promoting Canadian Pro Rodeo; this practice will become more official New Year with a designated segment of the bi-monthly magazine promoting Pro Rodeo. Canadian Cowboy Country magazine offers a much broader global circulation, highlights a wide range of western lifestyle topics and is available via subscription and through newsstands.

As we move through this transition, please know that the CPRA will be publishing a final issue of our conventional CRN – the Champions (post-CFR issue) - in mid December. Pro Rodeo Canada business information (event approvals, results etc…) will continue to be available via the website.

What will this transition look like for existing and future Canadian Rodeo News subscribers?

• As part of their annual membership, Pro Rodeo Canada members will continue to receive a print publication – the bi-monthly Canadian Cowboy Country magazine with the first issue of the new endeavor starting in February of 2016 - provided you have purchased your 2016 membership. (CCC offers a digital choice as well.)

• Existing subscribers (who have purchased CRN subscriptions extending into 2016 and beyond) will have their contracts roll over to Canadian Cowboy Country magazine. Essentially, existing subscribers (and Pro Rodeo Canada members) will continue to receive CPRA news… it will simply be part of a much larger publication.

• CRN subscribers (who are already Canadian Cowboy Country magazine subscribers) will receive a credit toward a future CCC subscription.

• If you are a Canadian Rodeo News subscriber who is at the end of your CRN subscription as of December 31, 2015; or if you have stopped receiving Canadian Rodeo News and you wish to subscribe to Canadian Cowboy Country magazine (which will have Pro Rodeo Canada coverage starting in the New Year), please contact:

Canadian Cowboy Country magazine
#1, 9301 - 50 Street
Edmonton, Alberta T6B 2L5
Phone: 780 628-5231
Toll-free: 1 800 943-7336
Fax: 780 448-0424

And please don’t hesitate to contact the CPRA for further details.

Thanks kindly,
Canadian Professional Rodeo Association
403 945-0903 or

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