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Maple Leaf Circuit

Maple Leaf Circuit- The Maple Leaf Circuit will include rodeos $7999.00 or less that accept all permits.

- PRCA/WRPA co-approved rodeos (held outside of the MLC) will count as money won but will not be included in rodeo count towards qualifying for the Maple Leaf Circuit Finals.

- CPRA members that would like to qualify for the National Circuit Finals must purchase a PRCA/WPRA card prior to competing during the rodeo season. Rodeo count/money won will not be back dated.

- PRCA/WPRA members may only compete at the Maple Leaf Circuit Finals if it is their designated circuit within the PRCA/WPRA.

- Permit and semi pro memberships will be included in Maple Leaf Standings.

- Contestants, stock contractors and contract personnel do not need a PRCA/WPRA membership to compete/work rodeos within the Maple Leaf Circuit unless they want to compete/work at the NFR or National Circuit Finals

- Money won at Maple Leaf Circuit Finals will count for 2023 Canadian Standings

- Residents must compete at a minimum of 40% and non-residents must compete at a minimum of 50% of 2022 Maple Leaf Circuit rodeos. (Please refer to PRCA rules 8.8. and 8.8.2. concerning resident/non-resident requirements.)

- Stock contractors and contract personnel do not need a PRCA membership to work the Maple Leaf Circuit Finals.

* The Circuit Committee will be in charge of all production/personnel/stock for Maple Leaf Circuit Finals

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