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CPRA - Semi-Pro Rough Stock Agreement

Reminder to young rough stock competitors

Brodie Roessler - 2021 Nov SB Champion - Covy Moore photoFeb, 2022 - The agreement between the Canadian Professional Rodeo Association (CPRA) and the Wild Rose Association (WRA), Lakeland Rodeo Association (LRA), British Columbia Rodeo Association (BCRA) and the Canadian Cowboys Association (CCA) remains in place for 2022.

Overview: In 2021, the rodeo organizations noted above agreed to try and support young cowboys who wanted to compete in novice events at CPRA and semi-pro rodeos.

How it works: If a novice competitor is competing in one of the three listed semi-pro associations in the OPEN rough stock events and also holds a CPRA NOVICE bareback saddle bronc or junior bull riding card, money won at the semi-pro rodeos will count for the year end standings in both the mother semi-pro association as well as in the CPRA novice standings. Competitors must have a membership in the CPRA and the semi-pro association(s) of choice (from the list above) before their winnings will count in the standings.

Example: Let's say that you are a bareback rider and you enter Medicine Lodge WRA rodeo. You win the rodeo and it pays you $500. That money will be added to your CPRA novice standings provided you hold both a WRA card and a CPRA Novice card.

Benefits: There is significant money to be won at semi-pro and CPRA rodeos that include novice events. This agreement gives young rough stock athletes the opportunity to compete at many rodeos and have their earnings accumulate in the CPRA novice standings. Young contestants will gain broad experience and mentorship from professional cowboys along the way.

This is a huge opportunity for young cowboys.

Contact each Association for more information. Events start in March for the WRA so now is the time to get started.

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