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S DePaoliSAMANTHA STOKES, Miss Rodeo Canada

February 8, 2016 - An Early Spring It Is!

Hello everyone!

If you are getting tired of this cold and long winter, I have great news! Balzac Billy declared spring was coming early on Ground Hog Day! This news brought smiling faces to all who attended this event in Balzac on February 2.

February has been filled with nothing but excitement so far, for all that has happened and all that is yet to come! On February 5, I attended the Alberta Association of Agricultural Societies Convention in Edmonton where farmers and ranchers across the province had a chance to propose questions to Premier Rachel Notley and Ministers and MLA’s as well. Having a chance to witness this event was so interesting for me as I love politics and keeping up on the latest issues that affect the western way of life. I escorted Rachel Notley up on stage and had supper at the Minister’s table. This was an event I will not soon forget and I am so thankful for the opportunities this title presents!

I am now packing up my suitcase once again and headed to Ponoka for a school visit, then I'm flying out to Florida for the Silver Spurs Rodeo! I never know what to expect from these events or who I am going to meet but I absolutely love it. I will carry the knowledge I gain from these experiences with me for the rest of my life.

God Bless,
Samantha Stokes
Miss Rodeo Canada 2016

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T GirletzTANNER GIRLETZ, Bull Rider & Rodeo Canada Blogger

June 10, 2014

Well with a few weeks of rodeo down, I find myself a little further back then I would like. I have been picking away at a few rodeos but just small cheques. With Innisfail, Wainwright, Sundre, and then of course Cowboy Christmas coming up, I look forward to winning as much or more then I did last year and start this season. The older a guy gets, the faster the seasons seem to go. I can remember my first couple seasons; it seemed to take forever to get to Cowboy Christmas. It'll be here and gone before you know it. My nagging hand and wrist injury still isn't quite right but it's starting to feel better every day. With time and patience it will be alright shortly. 

With all the talk of taking rodeo out of British Columbia, I have been thinking long and hard on both sides of the table. I would like those concerned about rodeo to come to my house for a day and see how great my horses and cows and bulls are taken care of.  Day in and day out, my family and I are striving to make sure our bulls are in top condition and our horses are never left hungry or unattended.  My cows are on full feed year-round. I watch our bulls and enjoy the personality they have and how much they love their jobs. I see the views of other people as well. And to the blind eye, yes rodeo may seem somewhat challenging. But, instead of just jumping to conclusions and calling me, my family, and the rest of the rodeo world animal abusers, please take some time go to a ranch, or go to a rodeo and ask some questions. We would be pleased to provide information and talk about the sport of rodeo.  In my mind, without knowing the facts and jumping to these false conclusions, people are not well informed. So please, all I ask is that people take the time to find out what really happens behind the scenes before they just say that we beat or mistreat our animals - which in most cases we consider family. 

Well there is my rant on that and in the words of Peter Griffin, "That's what grinds my gears."

Keep it real
Tanner Girletz




Matt LaitMATT LAIT, Bareback Rider & Rodeo Canada Blogger

May 30, 2014

It's Friday and I just finished riding at the Grande Prairie Stompede and now I'm headed south towards Leduc for the performance tomorrow night and then onto Hand Hills on Sunday. This weekend is the start of the big push towards the CFR as we now won't have any weekends off until September. If you rodeo you definitely look forward to this time of year and the anticipation of what will become of your season. Everyone has their own personal goals but you know everyone wants to be in Edmonton come the beginning of November. 

The next few horses I am about to climb aboard are all younger horses that I don't know much about. It's always exciting to get on an animal that could potentially be the next big superstar. You don't know what the horse will do so your approach to the ride is much different than it would be If you were to get on a horse that has been at many rodeos before.

I hope everyone can get a chance to get out and take in some rodeo action this summer. There are many companies these days that are helping cowboys down the road and commitees put on the rodeos. If you get a chance I suggest using these people in your day to day transactions as they are all rodeo fans themselves. On that note the businesses that help me down the road are Okotoks Rentals, Smithbilt Hats and MetalWorks Canada. Great companies that truly believe in rodeo!

Ride Hard
Matt Lait



S ByrneSCOTT BYRNE, Bull Fighter & Rodeo Canada Blogger

May 1, 2014

Well another rodeo season is under way and the action was intense in Dawson Creek on the weekend, with both stock and cowboys showing off there spring moves.

The bucking stock from the Calgary Stampede and Vold Rodeo proved to be somewhat challenging in the bull riding with just a handful of rides. Todd Chotowetz came out on top with an 87.25 point bull ride.

Next stop Stavely... for more Canadian Professional Rodeo action.

Till next time good luck to all!

Scott Byrne

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