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Nancy Csabay - 2015 Canadian Champion
CPRA The Canadian Professional Rodeo Association (CPRA), with its headquarters in Airdrie, Alta., is the sanctioning body for professional rodeo in Canada.
The CPRA sanctioned 62 rodeos in Canada last year with a combined total payout of over $5.1 million.
The CPRA is committed to maintaining the highest standards that ensure every CPRA-sanctioned event is managed with fairness and competence, and the livestock used is healthy and cared-for to the highest standards.
The CPRA has a strong working relationship with the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association (PRCA) in the United States, and many Canadian rodeos are co-approved for world championship points. World Champions are declared using combined CPRA and PRCA points.
Although the contestants are the most visible, the association’s membership also consists of rodeo committees, stock contractors, judges, rodeo secretaries, announcers, timers, bullfighters, associate members, photographers, specialty-act performers and more.
Approximately 1,400 members are represented by the CPRA’s board of directors, who govern the sport of professional rodeo in Canada.
CPRA rodeos create a positive economic impact on the cities and towns that host them. For example, the Canadian Finals Rodeo generates an economic impact of more than $50 million annually into the local community.
As well, professional rodeos in North America raise in excess of $30 million for local and international charities each year.
The 36th annual Canadian Finals Rodeo attracted almost 90,000 fans to Rexall Place in Edmonton, Alta. last November, a testament to the sport’s ongoing popularity and growth.
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To obtain a contestant membership with the CPRA in the SB, BB, BR, TD, SW, LBR and TR events, you must complete and fulfill the following steps:

All applicants applying for any category of CPRA membership must complete an application for membership, including a notarized waiver releasing the Association, its sponsors and staging committees from any responsibility due to injury or property damage, etc.

This form must be on file with the CPRA office, accompanied by the current year’s member dues for the rodeo season in question.

Permit Membership
Applicants must be 18 years of age or over in the three (3) roughstock events and will be eligible to compete at locations that accept permit members.

Each permit holder has the option of purchasing a semi-pro membership with the Association after accumulating one thousand dollars ($1,000) in one of the major events in an unlimited number of rodeo seasons.

Semi-Pro Membership
Applicants who have earned $1,000 in one rodeo seasons in a major or major optional event on a permit membership may apply for a semi-pro membership.

CPRA Contestant Member
Applicants who have earned $1,000 or more in one (1) rodeo season on a semi-pro membership in a major or major optional event or hold a current PRCA membership may apply for a CPRA membership with the Association.

Each member category will receive a subscription to the Canadian Rodeo News. Rodeo approvals will be listed monthly in the business section of the Rodeo News, and will indicate the member categories and restriction placed on each rodeo approval.

Each member category will also receive dismemberment and life insurance while participating at CPRA-sanctioned rodeos.

Information and forms are available at the CPRA office:
272245 RR 2
Airdrie, AB T4A 2L5
(403) 945-0903
Fax (403) 945-0936.
MasterCard and Visa accepted

Permits and memberships must be processed two business days prior to entry day as indicated in the rodeo listing.


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