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2016 CFR - Stock Draw - November 13, 2016 - Performance 6
Josh Harden Kesler Championship Rodeo 534 BreakAway
Dusty Hausauer Calgary Stampede Rodeo T38 Timely Delivery
Sam Kelts Vold Rodeo R3 Pedro
Jake Watson Calgary Stampede Rodeo S66 Stampede Warrior
Chuck Schmidt Calgary Stampede Rodeo L112 Labyrinth
Layton Green Calgary Stampede Rodeo W16 Wild Cherry
Audy Reed Kesler Rodeo 828 Nickels & Dimes
Luke Butterfield Calgary Stampede Rodeo S3 Simply Marvelous
Lane Cust Kesler Championship Rodeo 052 Willowbrook
Dustin Flundra Calgary Stampede Rodeo R62 Redon Acres
Jim Berry Big Stone Rodeo 711 Rubels
Clay Elliott Outlaw Buckers 508 Lunatic Party
RR Kesler Rodeo 514 Center Stage
RR Calgary Stampede W7 Wiggle Lizzard
Spares Kesler Rodeo 462 Next 2 U
  Vold Rodeo 971 The Ritz
  Duffy Rodeo 21 Rip N Zip
Kody Lamb Kesler Rodeo 731 Garden Party
Dantan Bertsch Calgary Stampede X9 Xplosive Skies
Kyle Bowers Vold Rodeo 73 True Grit
Pascal Isabelle Calgary Stampede W34 Wanaka Rocket
Michael Solberg Calgary Stampede S65 Shadow Warrior
Ty Taypotat Dr Release  
Ky Marshall Kesler Rodeo 657 Up Ur Alley
Cole Goodine Outlaw Buckers S91 American Thumper
JR Vezain Calgary Stampede Y5 You C Me
Orin Larsen Kesler Rodeo 502 Mile Away
Caleb Bennett Vold Rodeo 838 Mucho Dinero
Jake Vold Calgary Stampede R82 Reckless Margie
RR Big Stone Rodeo A43 Gold Dust
RR Kesler Rodeo 552 Double Dippin
Spares Kesler Championship Rodeo 568
  Outlaw Buckers V9
  Kesler Rodeo 024
Fabian Dueck Outlaw Buckers 108 Clouds in my Coffee
Tanner Girletz Outlaw Buckers T01 No Good Deed
Wacey Finkbeiner Outlaw Buckers 100 Bar Down
Zane Lambert Outlaw Buckers 069 Brahma Boots Chrome
Jared Parsonage Calgary Stampede 201 Night Moves
Timothy Lipsett Vold Rodeo 127 Coopers Comet
Scott Schiffner Big Stone Rodeo 919 Kish Me
Lonnie West Outlaw Buckers 116 Chip Shot
Tyler Pankewitz Vold Rodeo 127 Venom
Brock Radford Outlaw Buckers 96 Tennessee Whiskey
Jordan Hansen Vold Rodeo 111 Black Rose
Dakota Buttar Vold Rodeo 100 VJV Nailed
RR Outlaw Buckers 899 Gretzky
RR Calgary Stampede 3 WranglerExtreme
Spares Kesler Rodeo 596
  Calgary Stampede 126


Resistol Ram Rodeo Wrangler

Calgary Stampede
Troy Fischer Silverworks
Pro Series Final

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