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2016 CFR - Stock Draw - November 10, 2016 - Performance 2
Bull Riding      
Fabian Dueck Vold 1144 Dirty Grandpa
Tanner Girletz Vold 37 Canadian Outlaw
Tim Lipsett Vold 206 Corona Time
Jared Parsonage Outlaw Buckers 16 Cutie
Wacey Finkbeiner Keslers Rodeo 596 Grand Slam
Lonnie West Outlaw Buckers 96 Tennessee Whiskey
Tyler Pankewitz Calgary Stampede 105 Uptown Funk
Zane Lambert Vold 212 Mish Mash
Scott Schiffner Big Stone K2 Sugar Smack
Jordan Hansen Duffy 441 Pirhana
Brock Radford Outlaw Buckers 372 Just Ask Me
Dakota Buttar Outlaw Buckers 94 Too Dark 2 C
RR C5 1000 Moe
RR Girletz 962 Wonder Lust
Bareback Riding      
JR Vezain Calgary Stampede T29 Trail Dust
Pascal Isabelle Calgary Stampede S77 Soap Bubbles
Kody Lamb Calgary Stampede X2 Xrated
Tanten Bartsch Outlaw Buckers M22 OLS Tubs Ross River
Kyle Bowers Calgary Stampede W84 Waskasoot
Ty Taypotat Outlaw Buckers U3 Kit Kat
Orin Larsen Calgary Stampede P65 Princess Warrior
Michael Solberg Big Stone Rodeo X01 Call Me Kindra
Ky Marshall Calgary Stampede S83 Special Delivery
Jake Vold C5 Rodeo F13 Virgil
Cole Goodine Kesler Rodeo 717 Must Have
Caleb Bennett Kesler Rodeo 778 Copper Cat
RR Kesler Rodeo 296 Blue Wings
RR Big Stone Rodeo X81 Spilled Perfume
Saddle Bronc Riding      
Josh Harden Kesler Rodeo 591 Bookmark
Audy Reed Kesler Rodeo 633 Summer Trip
Dusty Hausauer Kesler Championship Rodeo 351 Spanish Pair
Jake Watson Kesler 531 Gone Country
Sam Kelts C+ Rodeo 940 Bender
Luke Butterfield Duffy 2 Bay Street
Lane Cust Kesler Rodeo 444 Southern Lights
Chuck Schmidt Franklin 321 Crazy Day Job
Jim Berry Calgary Stampede U7 Umber Bubbles
Clay Elliott Outlaw Buckers 530 Quittin Time
Layton Green Calgary Stampede M2 Mad Money
Dustin Flundra Calgary Stampede W1 Weekend Departure
RR Vold 2 Apache Trail
RR Outlaw Buckers T97 Double Vision
Novice Bareback      
Danny Vandenameele Calgary Stampede Y55 Youngstown Rocket
Lane Link Vold 795 Centennial
Tanner Young Northcott-Macza 24 Bahama Mama
RR C5 Rodeo 701 Easy Money
RR Franklin Rodeo 532 Super Sox
Novice Saddle Bronc      
Dawson Hay Calgary Stampede L112 Labyrinth
Chance Barrass C5 Rodeo 3 Veronica
Kolby Wanchuk Outlaw Buckers D983 Bright Light
RR Outlaw Buckers M40 Bar Star
RR Calgary Stampede U96 Unit Doctor


Resistol Ram Rodeo Wrangler

Calgary Stampede
Troy Fischer Silverworks
Pro Series Final

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