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Calgary, Alberta
September 29-30, 2017
Agrium Western Event Centre - Stampede Park
CPRA Approved
2 perfs: Sept 29 & 30 @ 7pm
Purse: SB, BB, BR, TDR, SW, TR Header, TR Heeler, LBR - $10,500 added
Committee Contact: Randa Nugent
Rodeo Office: 403 945-0903
Rodeo Grounds: Agrium Western Event Centre - Stampede Park

CE: Sept 25, 2017 @ 8am - 2pm
Callbacks: Sept 26, 2017 @ 8am - 4pm

* All contestants who qualify must call to confirm their position.
* Any positions not occupied by the top 10 qualified contestants will be filled by moving down the 2017 Grass Roots Tour Standings (contestants must meet the qualifications of the Grass Roots Tour).

1.     Top 10 from the Grassroots Tour qualify
......... i.    Canadian Residents must compete at 40% of the Non-Tour Rodeos
......... ii.    Non-Residents must compete at 50% of the Non-Tour Rodeos
2.     Money won will count towards the 2017 Grassroots Pro Rodeo Canada Standings and will be included in the rodeo count as one (1) rodeo
3.     Entry Fee: $200 (all events)
4.     7 Major Events – 2 go rounds
Payout: Will pay 2 go rounds & an average:
25% of final purse will pay each go round
50% of final purse will pay out the average

The 2017 Grass Roots Series will include all rodeos except those on the Canadian Pro Tour, 2016 Regina Agribition Rodeo and Edmonton K-Days Rodeo. And Special Events do not count for the Grass Roots Series.

The top ten qualifying contestants in the seven major events from this new tour will compete at the Grass Roots Final which is slated for September 29 - 30 at the Agrium Western Event Centre, Calgary Stampede Park. The Final includes a two head / run contest with 25% of the purse paid in each go and 50% to the average. Four monies will be paid out in each go and the average. Contestants will pay a $200 entry fee and earnings from the finals will count toward the 2017 CFR standings.

* Grass Roots Final Sponsorship Opportunities are available. Contact the CPRA for details.


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